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Scalable & Sustainable Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies are getting cheaper, through technological change and through the benefits of mass production and market competition.
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Our Partners
Energy Consulting
Serving to close the demand gaps in the commercial and industrial market, we work with off-takers (from small businesses to large energy consumers) and partners to conceptualize and develop clean energy and energy efficiency projects. Protergia leverages on her partnership, competent teams paired with smart technology to provide custom solutions tailored to your business or community. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of the off-takers, a given geographical location, energy consumption rate and needs. With attention to details, we design a reliable solution and begin the pre-installing stage.
Operation and Maintenance
Sustainable energy provision does not end at energy supply and installation. Protergia goes further in giving your business a supporting arm by efficient monitoring, controlled maintenance and data analytical management to maintain an optimum healthy and profitable atmosphere. We provide cost-effective operations and maintenance services for all kinds of energy supply and distribution systems
Energy as a Service (EaaS)
Energy-as-a-Service is our service offering arm where Protergia is responsible for energy supply. We achieve this through an integration of many energy sources to achieve cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy supply to our off-takers or designated communities guaranteeing much reliable energy with a lower tariff.
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)
Adhering to the highest safest measures and industry efficiency standards, our energy is provided on time and within budget. We provide turnkey engineering, procurement and commissioning (EPC) for energy generation and distribution projects.

Committed to reducing your cost-to-income ratio while safeguarding the future

We are on a mission to provide Africa with world-class sustainable renewable energy infrastructure
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