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We are the Future of
Sustainable Clean Energy in Africa

Who are we?

Protergia Energy is a renewable energy project development company that is committed to providing clean, bespoke, and cost-effective energy solutions to the unserved and underserved energy users in Nigeria and across Africa.

Through the years we have emerged as an industry leader with demonstrable capacity across our business areas. In addition to our successful project track record and pipelines, we have also developed strategic alliances with global industry leaders thereby enabling us to constantly deliver impressive results.

Our Mission

To become a world class provider of Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and Services, in a manner that optimizes shareholder value in the short and long term.

Our Vision

To become a globally recognized brand that inspires confidence in sustainable energy for current and future technologies.

Our Core Values

The only way to arrest the years of failure within Nigeria energy utility is by setting ambitious targets for ourselves. And that is why our number 1 value as an organization is our audacity! We are daring the status quo by committing ourselves to 24 x 7 clean energy supply to 1 million subscribers by 2027.


Our audacity as an organization is driven by creativity. We stay at the cutting edge of technology and finance in order to energize future possibilities whether in rural, peri-urban or urban communities.


The primary perspective we will have on any situation and dealings with all stakeholder in our business will be compassion


Years of poor service has damaged the psyche of our community. Our commitment to be different stems from our determination to provide best in class service with respect to all stakeholders -from employees to shareholders and the community we serve.


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Our Board of Directors comprises of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs

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